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Chris Keyz is a beloved thought leader in the areas of online entrepreneurship, digital marketing and a certified E-commerce coach who has coached multiple students and make 6 figures in few months. He have helped others discover their greatest passion, live a fulfilling life and build a successful ecommerce business.  

Chris is the man behind Keyz Online Entrepreneur Crushers, an incredible resource for entrepreneurs looking to understand proven E-commerce marketing strategies to surge growth. He also runs 7 figure Amazon Business and a 1000 followers of Facebook Public Figure, Marketing with Keyz, which explores all facets of digital marketing strategy -- including how other entrepreneurs earn money online with small investment. 

The Personal Origin Story and

Chris Guiding Principles

Hi, I'm Christopher Pierre, but I prefer to be called Chris Keyz! Wondering where did the Keyz come from? Well, I tell you I'm not a Professional Drug Dealer or involved in any International Illegal Drug Trade, but I'm a Pianist. Since then my friends discovered my surprising hidden talent, they used to call me Keyz.

Enough about my             name! Fast-forward to my E-commerce Success Story!

From my perspective, in order to pursue your ultimate passion in life or to become an entrepreneur, it doesn't usually involves earning dual degree program from any prestigious universities. Yes! Growing up, college was presented to many of us as the next logical step after high school. However, it often come to my mind that:


                           You'll learn, but you might not learn what you need

                        in order to succeed as an Entrepreneur.


I dropped out of College, but I'm doing better than ever when I achieved my business goals! I believed nobody has succeeded who never failed along the way. I've been doing Online Marketing for about 6 years now and I was introduced with several different ways to earn money online but nothing seems to be going right. My real journey through the World of E-commerce started in 2015, I have worked independently with limited resources and no business plan that will help me gain clarity, focus and confidence -- shocking truth -- I gave up within a month! 


However, I always wanted to end my E-commerce story more satisfying and inspiring. In 2016, I went for another try, I have conducted in-depth research and at that time I've reached out to a great friend who was already making about 100k online with Shopify. With his coaching skills, he showed me powerful ways to elevate my success and shape the future I've always dreamed of --  I had total growth revenue of 200k since then and still counting!

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Inspirational Speaker | E-commerce Coach | Online Marketing Strategist

Not surprisingly, many of entrepreneurs including myself had very similar pieces of business advice to share, based on what’s worked for someone new when it comes to learning how to start a business. I am certain that you have many unanswered questions, doubt your ability to succeed or fear to fail. Keep this in mind: 

                            Fail is the first attempt in                            learning, so go ahead learn

                         grow and succeed.


Giving up is never an option when you have the right E-commerce Coach guiding you.


Let me help you de-clutter your mind and regain your focus, create your own reality and get on the path to financial freedom.

You deserve a promising and wealthy life, so                     and achieve the results you desire!

What Are People Saying? 


So how do I start this, Chris Keyz trainings are so on point, like, made for dummies on point (lol dont know if that makes sense), but I was a little skeptical about having him help me out with my store and setting up my facebook ads. I took the leap of faith, and he pulled through! We rebuild a store, and I made my first sell the very next day! and I've been rocking Since then! Thank You Chris!!

Geissica L.


Chris my main man! This guy Chris is amazing! He Started off as one of my first coaching students. At first he wasn't taking things as serious as he should, but one day something clicked! and now He's winning all over the internet! He's the Go to Guy! POUND THAT!! POWW!!

Keder C.


Wow! I've been with Chris from the very beginning on his shopify success road, and other online marketing opportunities. He really knows his stuff, He help me excel in many ways. I've made Over 80k in Sales since This year Started. He's an amazing Coach!

Mike V.


This man right here help me make my first 10k Month. I was struggling with shopify for 6 months!!, i didn't make a Dime!. I seen him featured on someones youtube video. I did my best to reach to contact him. I invested in some personal training with him, and my eyes were finally open! I don't regret spending a dime on this guy right here! The Best investment is on your self! Be Good Be great!

Kumar M.


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Chris Keyz is the man behind Keyz Online Entrepreneur Crushers, an incredible resource for entrepreneurs looking to understand key e-commerce marketing strategies. He also runs almost 1000 Facebook Public Figure Page, Marketing with Keyz,



Brooklyn, New York 


(917) 267 - 2344